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How to Choose Battery Charger

Battery chargers are our specialty. We specialize mainly in consumer battery chargers for Lithium Ion, NiCD and NiMH batteries.

We offer various battery chargers for AA, AAA , C, D and 9 volt batteries. The most common consumer battery chargers charge both NiMH and NiCD batteries.

Although the battery charger may only say nimh or nicad I believe it would do both, NiMH batteries are higher in capacity so the nicad battery charger would take longer.

I take phone calls all day long and I think one of the most asked question is! How long will it take to charge my batteries with your battery charger?

Wow I ask myself how much money will I have it the bank in 10 years. We need more information like current amount and interest rate.

Let me give you two examples to show you how to determine how long it would take. Lets say you have a battery charger that has an output of 400 mA and your batteries are 2200 mille amp hour.

It would take approximately 2200/400 lets say 5.5 hours give or take a few based on state of charge. Should the batteries be 1/2 charged
then it would take around 2.75 hours.

Second example lets say you have a 9 volt battery which is 200 mille amp hour and the battery charger puts out 50 mille amp hour it would take around 4 hours or so to fully charge. So next time you want to know the answer do the math.

AA Battery chargers come in mainly two types. One would be timer control the other would be a smart charger. What is the difference? Great question I get that every day.

A timer control charger is one you put the batteries in and it starts to charge the batteries for a designated amount of time. Say the charger has a 8 hour timer. The charger will start charging the batteries for 8 hours and stop after that amount of time.

O.k so you ask what is the problem. Lets get back to the example above. The charger is a 300 mille amp hour charger and set to charge for 8 hours but the batteries are 2900 mille amp hour.

After the 8 hours the charger shuts down now assuming the batteries were completely dead or fully discharged the batteries would never meet its full potential.

So you ask why would anyone buy a timer control charger? They are cheaper and the average shopper thinks they just saved money and they actually did but if you plan to buy the highest capacity batteries the make sure you buy a qualified battery charger.

Lower capacity batteries work great with timer control chargers but when you buy 2500 mille amp hour, 2600 mille amp hour, 2700 mille amp hour and 2900 mille amp hour batteries make sure you get a smart battery charger.

A smart battery charger usually charges at a higher rate of charge lets say 500 mille amp hour, 800 mille amp hour or 1000 mille amp hour.

So your batteries are 2900 mille amp hour and the charger is a smart charger that charges at 800 mille amp hour once again we go back and do the math. The charger is 800 mille amp hour and the batteries are 2900 mille amp hour so we take 2900/800 and it should take around 3.5 hours to fully charge your batteries or battery pack. The smart charger will detect the cells are fully charged and then shut down hence smart charger.

I want to touch on solar battery chargers which charge mainly all consumer sizes. The solar battery chargers that we offer are slow rate chargers so here is what I highly suggest.

When you buy a solar battery charger buy the nicad batteries to go with it. They are lower in capacity and will be charged faster.

I could only assume that if you are using a solar battery charger that you are hiking, camping and that you want your batteries charged as fast as possible. Nicad batteries will be charged before nimh batteries will be charged.

Lets sum up this lesson on battery chargers. When making a decision on buying a battery charger first decide on the batteries. Should you choose the newer higher capacity nimh
batteries buy a smart nimh / nicd battery charger.

Don’t be a hero and try to save 8 to 10 dollars on the charge and end up having great batteries that will not properly charge in a slow timer control charger.

I hope that the information in this article has helped make a educated decision on buying your next battery charger.

Should you have any questions please email me sales@vbpowerbattery.com or call me toll free 0086-769-82605822