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Airsoft Battery Basics Knowledge

Tech Terms

mAh: MilliAmp Hours. A 1 mAh battery could last ~ means 1 hour at one milliAmp load.
Amps: Amperes, Current
Volts: Volt. 
Ohms: Resistance  Each of the bulbs has a resistance of (20-300) ohms.
NiCd: Nickel Cadmium.  A rechargeable battery chemistry.
NiMH: Nickel Metal-Hydride.  A rechargeable battery chemistry.
LiPoly: Lithium-polymer rechargeable chemistry (it's expensive but weight is light and more powerful)


Rechargeable Batteries

There are 3 principle chemistries of rechargeable batteries recommended for Airsofts: NiCd, NiMH, and LiPoly.

LiPO batteries are recently usage for airsoft more and more commom -- while voltage options remain limited (the most common is 7.4V and 11.1 volt), they are about the right size for airsoft, and if you take care to not heat up the gel-packs, they are an extremely good high-ROF battery for your airsofts. This battery is recommended for upgraded AEGs only.

NiCd batteries are probably the most common type found in airsoft AEGs. They come in two basic cell sizes, 2/3A(mini type)and AA (mini cell size) and sub-C (large cell size) and each cell produces 1.2 volts of power. The capacity of the cells vary from ~500 mAh to ~1800 mAh. By stringing together NiCd cells you determine the final voltage of the battery pack. 7 cells = 8.4 volts, 8 cells = 9.6 volts, 9 cells = 10.8 volts, and 10 cells = 12 volts. However, a battery pack’s capacity is determined by the mAh of one cell. Each cell is discharging it’s mAh at the same time.

Example: An 8.4 volt, 1000 mAh NiCd battery can produce 7000 mAh of constant current for ~one hour through a 8.4 volt electrical “faucet”. 7 cells x 1000 mAh = 7000 mAh total current.

Two more things concerning NiCd batteries: First is the need to discharge the battery before you recharge it. If you don’t, the battery “remember” and resists taking on a full charge next time. (I've read a few commentaries that suggest discharging is not necessary but conventional wisdom says to fully discharge) Secondly, after recharging, the battery will lose about 1% of its charge per day just sitting on the shelf.

NiMH batteries are also, very common in airsoft AEGs. They are a bit more expensive, but they have a higher capacity (up to 3300-4600mAh). NiMH are a bit more difficult to charge than NiCd, so make sure your charger is able to handle them. NiMH batteries also have a higher rate of self-discharge, losing about 2-3% a day. Discharging the NiMH before recharging is not necessary.