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We can find the capacity of a single cell or a battery pack on their package.

And we always find so much different between two batteries with the same capacity on their package. One can use for 2 hours,another only 40min.

How to calculate their true capacity(We use K instead)?

Lets Pele,the manager of VB Power, give you the best answer as follows:

your eletrical appliance must have a "amount of power"  with a unit "W(watt)", We use P instead.

and it must have a "voltage" with a unit "V(Volt)",We use U instead.

P/U is the current of your eletrical appliance,We use "I" instead,the unit is "A(amps)".

Then,use the Battery on your eletrical appliance,from full charge to empty.remember the time.We use "T" instead,the unit is "H(hours)"


Then you can get the true capacity of the texting battery.